Members of former Czechoslovak State Security (StB), their photos and business activities

Why such ugly pages?

These pages are an english version of others, which exist in czech language since 27-th March 1998. There I published names and photos of people, who kept the communist estabilishment in former Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.

They did it with criminal methods and in compliance with criminal communist laws. Results were: loss of job, terrorization, compulsory emigration, murders, etc. As a reasons were dissent from communist ideas and estabilishment, independent thoughts and their publishing, independent culture activities, listenig to VOA and RFE two and more persons..... In addition, these "crimes" were hereditary - children of people, who was guilty ni this way, couldn`t study, or find a adequate job (To be out of work was punishable in this period).

As a materials for this pages was used two issues of czech magazine Reflex - 22/92 and 23/92. It was no response to data of StB in those days. The people, published here have never been punished for their acts.

Unfortunately, it is only a small number of members of former Czechoslovak State Security.

Excuse me for my anonymity. Many people like these still have enough power and money for next dirty tricks.

Now you can look on them, face to face..

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